Deal With It: Not Everyone Will Like What You Are Doing

I made a mistake thinking that everyone would understand or support the documentary that Andrew Han is producing. Although the idea of the documentary was birthed out from a genuine hope to preserve nature for our next generation, we've encountered many who seem to take offense for reasons unknown to us.

While their snide and cynical remarks can be discouraging (sometimes painful to hear), it has somehow put us in the spot where we rethink how much we really want to make this documentary happen even when nobody believed in what we're doing. This, plus the countless rejections for interviews, data scarcity, lack of resources, technical issues, working late nights, and even financial strain.

Many, if not all of us are fighting a battle we know nothing of. So let's be kind to each other.

Therefore, I just felt the need to put this out there: nothing worth it ever comes easy. It helps to go back to the first time we set our minds and hearts on pursuing our cause and to recall why we need to do the things we do. Hang on to that.

My sincere hope is that this post might also encourage some of my friends out there who are seeking for a glimmer of hope in a world where people are ever so ready to be critical of us. Hang on in there, it'll all get better.