“Italy has always been a feminine country. That’s a compliment. Its beautiful. It’s seductive. It’s warm.”
 “If you think about it, Rome’s seven hills even resemble breasts; New York’s skyscrapers resemble penises. It all fits.”
 “So it’s natural to compare Italy’s cities with women. Milan is the snooty catwalk model, dressed for the gods with an attitude to match.”
 “Rome is the sexy showgirl. Her revealing outfit and engaging smile promises a week you’ll never forget. Florence? She loves the arts. She’s into nature. She wears comfortable shoes.”
 “Meanwhile, Naples is Italy’s slut. Its best days are in the past but she still has a lusty air about her.”
 “She looks sweaty and tired and is scruffy around the edges. A cigarette hangs from the corner of her mouth.”
 “Yet in a moment’s notice she can turn on the charm and be the funnest day you’ll ever have.”
 “And after a few glasses of Aglianico wine, she starts looking pretty good again.”
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