Hi, I am Evelyn.

01 | Elevator PitchWelcome to my personal website. Here is where I keep an online gallery of my photographs and a repository of my writings; personal and published.

02 | Introduction: I am an analyst by profession and although I spend most of my time writing, I would occasionally head outside with a camera to capture stories as they unfold. The initial idea for this website was to become an online gallery for the photos I've taken throughout the years. Then, it gradually became evident that it could only be completed if it is a platform for my writings as well. 

03 | Personal Background: I was born in the beautiful island of Penang and somehow I wanted to be an architect when I grow up. Instead, I found myself later spending 3 years in the idyllic Kuala Terengganu where I was trained to be a marine biologist - a rather far cry from what I really wanted. A few years later, I moved to Kuala Lumpur & Selangor where I was a researcher and consultant in the marine industry by day and an environmental management graduate student by night. I was also a Photo Editor at poskod.my and volunteered at Make Condition Design somewhere in between. 

Subsequently, I moved back to my hometown when I was offered a position as a senior analyst at the state government's think tank; to conduct policy-based research on urban issues. Somewhere along the line, I started the Penang Urbanites - inspired by the need to create a platform for Penangites and those who have Penang's best interest at heart to interact, discuss and debate on sustainable urban development for Penang. It is a blessing to have found like minded people along the way who has enabled the platform to grow and expand to further bring about a positive change in the way the local community perceive and discuss about urban issues. 

Perhaps one of the best things that happened in my life is being awarded the Chevening Scholarship and the offer to pursue MSc in City Design and Social Science at LSE. I'll be in London for a year and I'll be documenting and sharing my experience in this vibrant and culture-rich city as an aspiring urbanist.  

04 | Trivia: I'm an INFJ 

05 | Get in Touch: hello@evelynteh.com


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